#FINALLYFRIDAY bring awareness to the fact that the weekend is near and it’s time to boogie. Each week, I’ll be sharing a set of my favorite GIFs with captions that pertain to the wonder that is the human experience. Enjoy.

How I feel when I wake up and realize #FINALLYFRIDAY is here once more:

When my best friend and I try to tag-team telling a funny story:

When I’m trying to look busy at work and Instagram at the same time:

When I realized that Monday is a holiday (BLESS THE DAY MLK JR. WAS BORN ALWAYS AND FOREVER):

How I feel when I successfully create a donut bun on my first try:yeaaahdonutbun

How’re you all doing this morning?

Today, I am coordinating our last series of Internship Announcements at work which is an event celebrating the fact that 112 of our young adult participants are continuing on to the Fortune 500 and “Silicon Alley” internships they’ve earned. Lots of excitement, some tears. It’s awesome.

This weekend, I am sleeping in (HALLELU) and catching The Theory of Everything on Sunday which looks like a cinematically gorgeous film featuring Eddie Redmayne’s cinematically gorgeous face. I’m stoked. I really want to see Selma, too; I’ve heard it’s incredible and extremely difficult to watch but as it’s been said before, this conversation surrounding injustice is one our nation has not even scratched the surface of yet. I am sleepin’ on this film. Apparently, so are the Oscar’s but that’s a different story.

What are you all up to with your one precious and glorious weekend? Any movies in mind?

Happy Friday, y’all.

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