#SUNDAYSOUNDS: It’s Gonna Be You and Me

In an interview with Barbara Walters, Hillary Clinton once said the following about her marriage to Bill, “Even after all these years, he’s still the most interesting, energizing and fully alive person I have ever met. Bill Clinton started a conversation in the spring of 1971, and more than 30 years later we’re still talking.” I’ve had this quote in my mind for a few years now and instinctively think about it whenever I consider a new attraction to somebody. Will we have things to speak about in 30 years? Interests in common, similar dreams on the horizon? Each Sunday, I’ll be sharing a song I love. Today’s #SUNDAYSOUNDS is shared with a young Hillary and Bill in mind. I wonder if they would’ve gotten down to Flume.

Source unknown (presumably The Clintons); You and Me by Disclosure (Flume Remix)

Author: rebecca marie jo

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