#FINALLYFRIDAY is designated to celebrate the weekend and that it’s officially time to boogie. Each week, I’ll be sharing a set of my favorite GIFs with captions that pertain to the (okay – my) human experience.


When I’m playing with the new Snapchat features and get freaked out by my own face morphs:
snapchat ftrs

When I’m about to tweet something but it’s probably more than the internet needs to know about me:

When I see a cute guy on the subway and try to play it cool:

But my vibes betray me so I come on too strong:
best interest

How I feel when I’m downtown and can’t figure my way around:
new subway

How’re you guys doing?

I’ve had a really wonderful week! I met an internet friend and fellow writer who I’ve followed on Twitter for some time and enjoyed hearing about her adventures living abroad over a glass of wine. I also got to hear her adoption story of the cutest pup ever so I’m officially living my dog-ownin’ dreams through her and have a play-date with her puppy scheduled at the park later this month because this was naturally the next step in our budding friendship.

I’m always so impressed by people’s willingness to meet strangers who admire their work – like I could be totally uncool and weird (if you’re reading this, you know that’s only HALF true) but people are willing to meet me simply because I think they’re wonderful and read their blogs and articles religiously. I can only hope to have an internet stranger want to meet *me* someday. Then, I’ll know I’ve ~ made ~ it.

Tonight, I’m headed to Morimoto to eat some expensive sushi that I won’t be able to pronounce with a friend. Whenever one of my weekends involves the Meatpacking District, I can hear Carrie Bradshaw clicking her Manolo Blahniks together with pride.

In light of the news of the shooting at Arizona this morning (my thoughts surrounding which I’ll reserve because enough has been said and not enough has been done), here’s a sweet video to lighten your day: a team of pee-wee football players in Milford, Massachusetts were distracted from their game by the need to whip and nae-nae and the moment captured was pretty precious.

Clear eyes, full hearts… watch me, watch me.

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