Lately in Love, Volume 2: Sharp style, sharper people


1. 2014 Forest Hills Drive | J.Cole’s song “Workout” made it into one of my playlists back in 2013 and prompted many bolstering hot NYC summer afternoons spent jammin’, singing the lyrics with so much enthusiasm, you’d think I was the one stuck in a very complicated FWB relationship. Recently, my brother exposed me to his newer stuff and I gave J.Cole’s latest album a spin (JK, I streamed it from Spotify but still) – I’ve been obsessed since. The hooks. The beats. Middle school crush clichés that would make Drake proud. What more could a gal want?

2. Vedere Rose Quartz Coasters | I don’t use coasters but I miiiiiight if they all looked like these.

3. Rebecca Minkoff Avery Crossbody | I’m reeeeally into this marble trend poppin’ up on accessories lately. Rebecca Minkoff’s introduction of it into her famous crossbody collection has caught both my eye and my expensive-accesory-lovin’-heart. Grandma (my own or anyone else’s), if you’re reading this, I would not be mad to receive this as a birthday gift. (On March 9th.) (My birthday.) (Next Month.)

4. Quay | These sharply-structured sunglasses are being made increasingly popular by Quay’s collaboration with my favorite Little Liar and tons of other celebrities I’d love to join for moody, sunglass-wearing LA brunches together. (I’d actually be okay with just sitting in LA by myself on a bench, I really just want to be where the sun still exists.)

5. Ella Cerón | Speaking of people I’d order gluten-free mineral-hydrated french toast with, I recently stumbled upon Ella Cerón’s Twitter timeline and she’s become one of my favorite people to follow on social media. From her professional vocation as Social Media Queen for The Cut to quipping out life truths on Twitter and staying Jenny-from-the-Block real on her blog – this lady is reachin’ the masses and doin’ it in true Kanye style. Check it.

#FINALLYFRIDAY: Vacay Daydream Edition

#FINALLYFRIDAY is a feature on PEARL+SALT designated to celebrate that the weekend is near and it’s officially time to boogie. Each week, I’ll be sharing a set of my favorite GIFs with captions that pertain to the straight-up mess wonder that is the human experience.


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Hack your oculus with a glimpse of the future

Have you guys seen this video?

A team of student programmers (with endearingly adolescent voices, I may add) created a project called Brand Killer, “a technology demonstration that envisions a future in which consumers can use augmented reality to opt out corporate influence.”

The concept of this technology is radical to imagine considering the amount of ads we are bombarded with when we try to read the news, commute, or visit our doctor’s office. Both our culture and economy are built on the back of corporate influence and if you believe that’s an overstatement, consider the millions of dollars worth of advertisement slots that are purchased during Super Bowl weekend alone. Now imagine that you could purchase a cereal, or drink, or car without seeing the brand associated with it.

Would you opt out?

If this technology were to expand and allow you to “hack your oculus”, what would you delete?

Lately In Love, Volume 1: Passports and Marble Prints



How are you all doing, friends?

As New York City bunkers down for what is promising to be a snowfall of historic proportions, I am at home creating reports and visuals for work. Even though I’m connected to the daily grind by email and phone, a snow day on a Monday still feels pretty luxurious. I’m in sweatpants so all is well with the world, I think.

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over the few number of things featured above. Going forward, I’ll share a new list of items each week, along with all the reasons they’re worth lovin’. Thus the category “Lately In Love” – You know, like “Crazy In Love”? Just imagine I’m like, showcasing these items whilst strutting down Mission Road in Downtown LA because Jay Z and I are getting married and I don’t care what anyone says, we’re building an empire.

1. Hope In A Jar | I sweeaaaear by this stuff. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you were born with the skin of an angel, this should be on your grocery list (that’s if you’re shopping for groceries at Sephora which I admit I sometimes do in the sense that I spend my grocery money… at Sephora).

2. Rifle Paper Co. Travel Journals | I wandered into some boutique in Park Slope and these beauties caught my eye. Although I don’t need another journal, I am purchasing the wallpaper of this print because it’s just so dreamy and I can frame it and wrap the best gifts in it and just Mod Podge it on to everything I own.

3. FRIENDS on Netflix | My roommate and I have been vegging through several seasons of FRIENDS the last few weekends. Upon rewatching the series, I’m catching jokes I definitely did not have the context to understand (thankfully so!) while it was on air. Also, all of the “adulthood is hard and weird” themes they’re constantly running with? I totally concur and often find myself laughing along with a deeeeeep sense of shared embarrassment with the characters. So deep.

4. Marble Print Boots by H&M | Enough said but they’re sold out :( :( :( :(

5. Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath & Body Works Lotion | My younger brother got me a bottle of this stuff for Christmas and the scent reminds me of my childhood best friend whose parents were fancy enough to buy her $14.00 lotion as a middle schooler. It also makes me think of the many after-school afternoons spent at her house in South Florida, either curled under a pile of blankets reading or watching the parakeets fly from corner to corner in the aviary adjacent to her room.

6. Michael Kors Perfume for Women | Speaking of scents, this stuff smells like dreams. Very fancy ones, like the kind that are born atop the pillows of The Mondrian Hotel in SoHo. I bought this perfume last Summer but just rediscovered it in the back of my dresser drawer. I think it’s more of a Winter scent, being that it’s floral but woody and lingers with a sweet, oaky note. It makes me feel like a super sophisticated lady. You know, the kind that totally knows what kind of groceries to buy in preparation for a snow storm, and doesn’t just sit here blogging with a bag of Twizzlers.

Kid Wear Fit For A King

Every once in a while, I come across editorials or photo sets encapsulating everything I appreciate about an aesthetic. Before the birth of this blog, I’d spam my friends with links, insisting they share my admiration for the composition, lush colors, and “sub-culture cool” found in recently uncovered gems. I stumbled across this one from même. kids wear earlier this week and mon Dieu, I’m in love. I’ve now moved on from spamming my friends to insisting they start havin’ kids soon so I can buy their babies all of these threads, and begin the life I’ve always dreamed of as some kind of fairy godmother/Kanye-when-he-does-fashion figure. Somehow, my pals still keep me around but I digress. How cool are these lil’ guys? They look like they want the world to know the next generation of kings has arrived and frankly, I’d agree.

meme 9 meme1 meme2 meme3 meme4 meme5 meme6 meme7 meme8


#FINALLYFRIDAY is a feature on PEARL+SALT designated to celebrate that the weekend is near and it’s officially time to boogie. Each week, I’ll be sharing a set of my favorite GIFs with captions that pertain to the (okay, my) human experience.


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The Theory of Everything and Life In Between

How were your three-day weekends, everyone?

Too short, probably.

Has anyone petitioned the White House to make Monday an extension of the weekend yet? ‘Cause that’s the unifying kind of cause our nation needs right now and I am down to champion this.

As I mentioned earlier, I went to see The Theory of Everything on Sunday.

Several of the people I found myself at the movies with didn’t have any context for what we were going to see and only showed up because my friend Katie is excellent at getting people excited for participating in things they don’t know very much about; It’s one of her superpowers.

For those of you who are similarly unfamiliar with this film’s plot, The Theory of Everything tells the life story of highly acclaimed theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Professor Stephen Hawking, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (the same disease millions of people dumped ice buckets on their head to raise awareness for) at the age of 21.

ttoe screenshot

Sidenote: Stephen Hawking is a guy I’ve committed to learn more about considering the embarrassment that I still get him and Stephen King confused sometimes. Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? A celebrated horror genre author AND cosmologist? That’s the kind of guy you could get stuck at a dinner party next to is all I’m sayin’.

He may not have inspired the horror movies that kept us up at night as children, but Stephen Hawking’s story is still pretty damn remarkable. If you’ve had no interest in seeing this movie up to this point, I’m about to change your mind.

ttoe photo 1

Being a long-time fan of FOCUS Features (the production company responsible for making The Theory of Everything happen), I knew that I was in for a treat beyond the bucket of popcorn I’d just settled into my seat with. FOCUS has produced several cinematic gems over the years such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (my favorite movie of all time, if you’re takin’ notes), Vanity Fair, Brick, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Atonement. As a company, they invest their resources towards original story-telling ventures and create films that challenge the imagination and celebrate the depths of the human spirit which I am tooootally about.

If you’re patient with the European sensibility this movie was inspired by, you’ll be rewarded by the beautifully unfolding story-telling of director James Marsh who captures the rich chemistry present among the cast members and makes the minutiae of daily life look pretty dreamy. In telling a story as grand as Hawking’s, I appreciate that Marsh captured the many little details that played a part in making it so.

ttoe screenshot 2

I won’t talk much about said details because I’m not giving away any spoilers here but I must mention how impressed I was that this movie (surrounding such a charming plot-line, a young couple falling in love in 1960’s London?? *heart eyes) refused to romanticize the reality of living with a degenerative disease, or being the caretaker of someone who is. Jane Hawking, Stephen’s wife, is given a depth of character that I found refreshing and honestly did not expect being that Stephen is the film’s protagonist. Her husband is the one diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) but it is very clear that this diagnosis was on Jane and Stephan’s relationship as well, despite their best efforts to live as though this was not so. Jane commits to being strong on Stephen’s behalf over and over and ultimately, this movie explores how we manage upon reaching the end of ourselves in the face of challenge.

ttoe screenshot 3

I dare to wonder what obstacles, both physical and emotional, Stephen would not have been able to overcome without this support. The film poignantly acknowledges the lives surrounding Stephen’s unique one as lives that still had every right to be lived, and fully so – both with his blessing and in spite of it which Stephen’s character in the movie acknowledges.

I would say that this was one of qualities I appreciated the most about it.

The Theory of Everything is self-aware enough to acknowledge that brilliance does not go unmarred by the nuances of human complexity or life’s burdens. It is a beautiful film, celebrating a series of lives lived among trial. You get the sense that Stephen Hawking’s own sentiment is imbued throughout it, urging you to realize that while there is life, there is still hope. And that’s always worth cheering for, wouldn’t you say?

ttoe screenshot 4