lessons in absence

There’s something about losing intangible items that makes the loss all the more difficult. You can’t look for old relationships where you last put them down, you can’t tear the cabinets and closets apart searching for people you weren’t willing to part with. In a city as transient and uncertain as NYC, I cling to my friendships like they’re my tribe; A well of resource, collective survival, and in many cases – a semblance of home and safety. When these kinships end and the absences endure, collateral damage is not uncommon.

I’ve been out of this blogging space since February and although I’ve told both you and myself that it’s because I was focused on other things, my patterns confess that I only stop writing when I’m experiencing something too ugly to shape shift into words or sit still with for very long. There’s nothing poetic about strife or navigating through it as an adult when you feel like you slept through the class on the subject.

Fall is beginning to tease New York City with it’s return and the drop in temperature has reminded me that change is the only thing we can bet on. In that truth, I’ve regained a sense of direction and voice, as well as a new responsibility to wield both carefully.

I find myself thankful for the people that are constants, the same ones that have encouraged me to write and remain vulnerable. These individuals have intimately shared the narrative of my life’s story through years past and trusted in it’s success – most insistingly, when I couldn’t.

gerty bird

What are we without the people that will return to the trenches for you?

jenna dooze

The ones who will cheer us on when we feel like we’ve been disqualified and love us when we’re at our most unlovable?

lyn new year

I haven’t been that person to others when they’ve needed me to be but I’m learning.


Turns out it’s an exercise, not an equation, and it requires putting down my pride.

elly among leaves

Getting down to business

2.28 upload

Changed job roles at work.
Signed on to help a local business owner revamp his communications strategy and streamline upcoming projects.
Became a Twitter addict.
House of Cards Season 3.

The first four lines are reasons PEARL+SALT has been quiet lately. The last line is no excuse but worth noting, I suppose (Francis Underwoooood – the worst).

Right now, I’m focusing on the 9-5 but I’ll be back soon.

Lately in Love, Volume 2: Sharp style, sharper people


1. 2014 Forest Hills Drive | J.Cole’s song “Workout” made it into one of my playlists back in 2013 and prompted many bolstering hot NYC summer afternoons spent jammin’, singing the lyrics with so much enthusiasm, you’d think I was the one stuck in a very complicated FWB relationship. Recently, my brother exposed me to his newer stuff and I gave J.Cole’s latest album a spin (JK, I streamed it from Spotify but still) – I’ve been obsessed since. The hooks. The beats. Middle school crush clichés that would make Drake proud. What more could a gal want?

2. Vedere Rose Quartz Coasters | I don’t use coasters but I miiiiiight if they all looked like these.

3. Rebecca Minkoff Avery Crossbody | I’m reeeeally into this marble trend poppin’ up on accessories lately. Rebecca Minkoff’s introduction of it into her famous crossbody collection has caught both my eye and my expensive-accesory-lovin’-heart. Grandma (my own or anyone else’s), if you’re reading this, I would not be mad to receive this as a birthday gift. (On March 9th.) (My birthday.) (Next Month.)

4. Quay | These sharply-structured sunglasses are being made increasingly popular by Quay’s collaboration with my favorite Little Liar and tons of other celebrities I’d love to join for moody, sunglass-wearing LA brunches together. (I’d actually be okay with just sitting in LA by myself on a bench, I really just want to be where the sun still exists.)

5. Ella Cerón | Speaking of people I’d order gluten-free mineral-hydrated french toast with, I recently stumbled upon Ella Cerón’s Twitter timeline and she’s become one of my favorite people to follow on social media. From her professional vocation as Social Media Queen for The Cut to quipping out life truths on Twitter and staying Jenny-from-the-Block real on her blog – this lady is reachin’ the masses and doin’ it in true Kanye style. Check it.

Hack your oculus with a glimpse of the future

Have you guys seen this video?

A team of student programmers (with endearingly adolescent voices, I may add) created a project called Brand Killer, “a technology demonstration that envisions a future in which consumers can use augmented reality to opt out corporate influence.”

The concept of this technology is radical to imagine considering the amount of ads we are bombarded with when we try to read the news, commute, or visit our doctor’s office. Both our culture and economy are built on the back of corporate influence and if you believe that’s an overstatement, consider the millions of dollars worth of advertisement slots that are purchased during Super Bowl weekend alone. Now imagine that you could purchase a cereal, or drink, or car without seeing the brand associated with it.

Would you opt out?

If this technology were to expand and allow you to “hack your oculus”, what would you delete?