#FINALLYFRIDAY is a feature on PEARL+SALT designated to celebrate that the weekend is near and it’s officially time to boogie. Each week, I’ll be sharing a set of my favorite GIFs with captions that pertain to the (okay, my) human experience.


When I’ve maxed on my Crossfit Classes for the month and try working out at home:
working out at home

When I’m home on a Thursday night and realize there’s no wine in the house:

How I feel when I hear someone being downright rude to their child in public:cartwheel

How I feel when I’m in a packed subway hunching my shoulders to fit into a seat and the person sitting next to me won’t move into the open space next to them:
screams internally

When I see one of my friends in an area of town neither one of us frequent:

It’s here.

You made it!

This weekend is pretty low-key being that this week back to work has been crazy and my room floor is no longer visible. Gotta take care of that, probably. I listened to NPR’s insanely popular Serial podcast earlier this month and just heard of a new podcast called Invisibilia so if I feel like gettin’ a little wild, I might give that a listen. Maybe make a grilled cheese……. Is this adulthood?

Never mind that.

What are you guys up to!?

Happy Friday, everyone!

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