#FINALLYFRIDAY is designated to celebrate the weekend and that it’s officially time to boogie. Each week, I’ll be sharing a set of my favorite GIFs with captions that pertain to the (okay – my) human experience.


When I see an obscure celebrity out and about in New York City and think they are someone I know personally:

But then I realize I don’t know them, I just saw them on tv once:

How I feel when people ask me what I thought about the GOP Debate earlier this week:
strategic hot mess

When I overhear anyone mention Master of None, Aziz Ansari’s originally produced show on Netflix (a series I completed over three days ahem):
master of none

How I felt when I read about the Starbucks cup fiasco of 2015:
starbucks cup

Hi y’all,

I am writing this post with tears in my eyes as news from Paris continues breaking.

Currently, over 5 explosions have detonated across the city and dozens of people – tourists, citizens, professionals, students – have been reported dead.

With the amount of carnage and injustice occurring in the world, both on campuses within the United States, abroad in Paris, across the borders of Syria, and beyond – it’s difficult for me to understand a culture concerned with anything beyond protecting the humanity of others. I’ve found comfort in reaching out to friends who are globally-minded and interested in ways that we can engage in this restorative process in our own lives and with the limited political, social, and economic capital we have.

I really don’t have words.

I’m posting this to share that my prayers are with Paris. May this Friday in the City of Lights end peacefully, ushered to quiet and safety by the God who was, is, and is to come.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité pour toujours et à jamais.

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