#FINALLYFRIDAY: Such Adult Much Productive So Goals

#FINALLYFRIDAY is a feature on PEARL+SALT designated to celebrate that the weekend is near and it’s officially time to boogie. Each week, I’ll be sharing a set of my favorite GIFs with captions that pertain to the (okay, my) human experience.


How I felt upon hearing the news of Jon Stewart’s departure from The Daily Show later this year:

When people ask me what I’m doing for Valentine’s Day:
Valentine's day plans

How my coworkers and I feel at work today knowing that Monday is a holidaaa-heeeeeyyy:my coworkers and i

When I forget my keys and realize I’m stuck outside of my apartment in 10 degree weather:

How I feel when my friends and I go to a trendy bar in Manhattan and try to blend in with the models and socialites:
blending in

That last one is tooooo true.

How are you guys!?

Although it’s been quiet over here, life outside the Interwebs has been just the opposite.

Between transitions at work and a few lifestyle changes, evenings for the last few weeks have been pretty packed, leaving little time for blogging or endlessly scrolling through Tumblr which my nights used to default towards when times were slow. It’s been nice to make progress on several big projects and time management has quickly become my new best friend… Actually, we just met. But the relationship is on the upswing so things are looking good.

I sound so lame.

I think that’s okay though.

I’m learning more and more that doing things that seem lame at first glance is often crucial to building the framework to the kind of life I want to sustain. Discipline, waking up early, going to bed earlier than 1 AM, saying “no” to things I don’t really need to go to, meal-prep, the whole gamut is part of it. And all of it in 10 degree weather. It feels very adult.

Maybe it’s finally happening for me.

Maybe I’m too mature for GIFs now……………….

Just kidding. That will nevah happen. I will blog and ball and share reaction GIFs well into my 40’s, once my kids have taught me how to type with my eyeballs on the Google Glass i17, poorly concealing their frustration towards me and my technological ineptitude.

But whether through WiFi powered thought transmittors or traditional keyboard typing, may I never become a Mom Blog © in this life or the next and may my memories of my theoretical children remain in physical scrapbooks I force guests to look at when they come over like the olden days.


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