#FINALLYFRIDAY is designated to celebrate the weekend and that it’s officially time to boogie. Each week, I’ll be sharing a set of my favorite GIFs with captions that pertain to the (okay – my) human experience.


When I’m eating granola and discover the raisins are not chocolate chips but it’s too late:

My reaction when I read about John Boehner’s resignation from Congress this morning:
obama smirk

How I felt about the iPhone release frenzy:
britney disapproves

And then T-mobile told me they were all out of the rose gold iPhone across NYC:
I waited for you

When it’s #FINALLYFRIDAY and I’m trying to pretend I’m not gonna finish the whole bottle but it’s just not true:
bottle life

It’s all fun and games until you realize you’re stuck with that “Storage Almost Full” notification for a few more weeks.

I hope you guys are havin’ a good start to your weekends! My BFFL is arriving in the city for a brief visit tonight so it’s a sleepover party over here. Tomorrow, I’m going to the World Maker Faire in Queens with my roommate and I look forward to telling you allllll about it since I have no idea what to expect. I’m only going because my roommate is great and sometimes invites me to neat things I’ve never heard about. It’s super cool that she likes being in public with me.

I’m off – I still have 2 glasses to polish off.


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