My name is Rebecca.

I was born in Miami, grew up next to Disney, and lived in NYC peddling pageviews for digital media start-ups before returning South to reconcile my roots.

Currently, I work from home helping companies use words wisely. I also spend the day entertaining and vacuuming after a needy husky named Riyah. She is equally an angel and a handful, which I can only respect. I don’t have many heroes to list but among them is one named Roy, the man I love.

A few of my favorite things include listening to Jonathen Van Ness talk, getting used to new cities, sending cards by mail, maintaining self-designated authority on what qualifies as a decent almond croissant, oversharing on the internet, and optimistically buying plants I might kill in 2-4 weeks.

I’ve written a few articles across the internet but this is my home. Glad you’re here. Mind the heart. Share your own.

We should probably talk.