My name is Rebecca.

I was born in Miami, grew up next to Disney World, and lived in NYC for 5 years before returning to Florida to reconcile my Southern roots. If you don’t think Florida qualifies as the South, permit me to drive you 45 miles in any direction outside of Orlando someday to present otherwise.

During the day, I work from home as a freelance writer and editor. I also consult by helping companies and individuals use their words wisely. This means I don’t see many people face-to-face so I’m often talking to and entertaining a very needy Siberian husky named Riyah. I share her with the guy I love and consider one of my heroes; his name is Roy and he is grand.

A random list of my favorite things include listening to Jonathan Van Ness talk, getting used to new cities, sending friends mail, oversharing on the internet, and optimistically buying plants I may neglect in 2-4 weeks. It takes me months to get through fiction but I soak up memoirs like water. I think I have a thing for people’s personal stories. I enjoy shows that are full of heart, comedy or truth-telling and I watch a movie like, four times a year – another symptom of our collectively shrinking attention spans.

I’ve written a few articles across the internet at the Orlando Sentinel, RELEVANT Magazine, The Pool UK, Ladders, and Printing News but this is my home. Glad you’re here. Mind the heart. Share your own.

We should probably talk.