My name is Rebecca Jo.

I was born in Miami, grew up near Disney World, and lived in NYC for 5 years before moving back to a city known for its pixie dust. It wasn’t planned (these things never are) but my move back to the south coincided with my return to Jesus. Things are weird on this side, especially after wandering a few years on the outside, but knowing the living God is better than anything else in the world. I know because I’ve tried it all; you can ask me about that sometime.

Although I got used to living in pre-war apartments with tiny bathrooms in Brooklyn, my current home resembles a summer camp in that it has a canoe and a rope swing on property but I’ve never used either. I am more of an indoor cat. Like a bodega cat in that I also really like snacks.

During the day, I work from home helping companies use their words wisely by editing press releases, copywriting, drafting marketing material and putting social media savvy to use. I also enjoy public speaking (truly!), helping others with their own professional development, and following all things #media-slash-pop culture.

We should probably talk.